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The Holjeån river runs trough the Holjeån valley from Olofström down to lake Ivösjön. The paddling we offer starts from the old mill in Näsum and goes all the way out to Lake Ivö.
2016-07-26-11-04-02The tour is approximately 7 km long and takes 2-4 hours depending on breaks. The nature close to the river is mostly untouched, giving you a tropical experience and a timeless feeling. The water is relatively clear, and the character varies from small rapids in the north to calm flow in the south. The bottom is mostly sandy with some rocky areas. Along Holjeån, you can stop and discover various attractions, barbecue, fish, and even stay overnight at Näsum’s Glamping and Humletorkan’s hostel, just a short walk from the river.
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In Lake Ivö, there are several islands where Wetlandi has a number of campsites with the possibility of picnics, grilling, and overnight stays.
Ivösjön Arhipelago

Fishing in Holjeån requires a fishing license. More information and the possibility to purchase a fishing license can be found here.
Information and purchase of fishing permits.

From Näsum, the river winds its way in a deep channel on its way to Lake Ivö. There are no rapids on this stretch, and lifts are not necessary. Just relax and enjoy the journey, which is suitable even for inexperienced canoeists, families, groups of friends, corporate events, and schools. You start at the old mill in Näsum. The parking at the starting point is only for Wetlandi’s customers and only in designated areas. Along the route, there are two places with opportunities for picnics and grilling. At Rökeriet, we have a barbecue area with tables and benches for up to 16 people. There is also a bench/table under a roof for 8 people and a grill at Tomsabron below Humletorkan’s café and hostel.

Together with Humletorkan, we can arrange complete packages for both families and larger groups with canoe trips, meals, and accommodation. We have suggestions for packages but also do our best to accommodate your own preferences.

Transportation and parking

Wetlandi arranges transport of canoes. See the price list for what is included in the various tour options. Tours and Prices
Personal transport and possible placement of cars are arranged by the customer themselves. We do everything we can to assist when time allows. A bus to Näsum runs from Axeltorp at least once an hour. The starting points are about 500 meters from the bus stop. At the mill in Näsum, there is a small parking area reserved for Wetlandi’s customers. It is not allowed to use parking, loading, and rest areas if you have not rented the canoes from Wetlandi.

Fire safety and the Right of Public Accessarkipelag-ivosjon-tobias-delfin132

Please act considerable and show respect for nature when you canoeing.  The Right of Public Access for canoeists
In the folder “Lighting Fires and the Right of Public Access“ you can learn more about when you are allowed to make up an open fire outside and when not – and how to do it safely.
Lighting Fires and the Right of Public Access