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Here you can find more information about our tours and activities in the area .

Ivösjön archipelago             Holjeåleden waterway


Canoe trips on the Ivösjön archipelago:

Inkas 525 is a canoe approved for carrying three people. Ideal as a stable canoe for both novices or experienced adventurers, the Inkas 525 can be taken quietly out to sea or down the fastest of rapids. Suitable as a rental boat for week-long trips that require extra packing. Unsinkable.

Start and finish at our center in Axeltorp. The listed price is for two people in a canoe including 2 paddles, 2 life jackets and maps.


Canoe, one day: 550 SEK
Canoe, 24 hours: 750 SEK

Singel Kayak, one day: 550 SEK
Singel Kayak, 24 hours: 650SEK


No extra fees apply.

Wetlandi is responsible for the care and maintenance of the marked camps on the map – Overnight at these places is free for our customers and is included in the canoe rental.

Let our map help you navigate the lake and the area.

Extra equipment 

Which you can add to your booking. Prices are based on 24 hour rental.

  • Extra life jacket 70 SEK

  • Extra paddle 70 SEK

  • Transport wheel for canoe 100 SEK

  • Packing barrel, 60 liters 70 SEK

  • Dry bag, 10 liters 40 SEK

  • Extra seat 70 SEK

  • Trangia storm kitchen 100 SEK

  • Frying pan 80 kr


Canoe trips along the Holje-river


   Information about the Holjeåleden waterway. 

Näsum – Axeltorp

Trip distance: 13 km
Your adventure begins by the old mill at the village of Näsum with a canoe trip down the Holje-river. After 7 km you will emerge onto the Ivösjön-lake for the second half of the trip. The route ends at our center in Axeltorp.
This route can be paired with a overnight stay of the islands in the lake.
Canoe trips start in Näsum, 200 SEK/ canoe/kayak is added.
One canoe including 2 paddles, 2 life jackets and maps.

Näsum – Klackabacken marina

Trip distance: 7 km
This tour follows the same route down the river as the 13 km tour. However, you will end at the marina just after the river’s outlet into the lake. Here you will drop the canoe off on the Wetlandi trailer at the marina where we later pick them up for your convenience..

Ending at Klackabacken, 200 SEK/canoe/kayak is added.


Canoe Transports

Canoe transports can be arranged by request for start – or finishing – points other than those stated above.
Prices below include transportation of 1 – 6 canoes.
The price is one way only.

Bromölla Camping, Oruddens badplats (beach), Korsholmens badplats (beach),
Bäckaskog slott (castle), Söndraby, Arkelstorp, Vånga. 1 000 SEK